Williams Corporate Road Safe


Road Safety Technology

Road safety is an important issue for Williams. Indeed, our Founder and Team Principal Sir Frank Williams is a high profile victim of dangerous driving.

For 10 years we have been developing advanced simulators for Formula One™. We are now adapting these to create cutting edge road safety simulators. Williams Advanced Engineering developed the Middle East's most sophisticated road safety simulator that has been used to train taxi drivers in Qatar and tours local Qatari schools to teach the importance of road safety.

Williams Advanced Engineering is also using its simulation expertise in a project backed by the UK government to test the safety and reliability of driverless vehicles. Working as part of a consortium in the Bristol region, Williams' technology will be testing autonomous vehicles in a safe virtual environment and testing the public's reaction to this new emerging technology.

Formula One is one of the best pre-emptive safety environments of its kind with much of this knowledge transferable into everyday motoring. There are over 1.3 million deaths on the world’s roads every year – more than those caused by malaria. With increasing levels of car ownership in the developing world, this trend is likely to rise alarmingly in the absence of significant and committed action. The UN’s first Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety took place in Moscow in November 2009. Williams supported the publicity around this landmark event, both in Moscow itself as well as helping to drive overseas awareness through events, and TV & radio promotion. In addition the FIA foundation, to which Williams is a financial contributor, is a driving force in pioneering the NCAP vehicle safety standards and more recently promoting the global “Make Roads Safe” campaign.

We also support the FIA’s ‘’Action for Road Safety’’ campaign, with both Sir Frank Williams and Williams' Formula One drivers campaigning and speaking about the issue on behalf of the FIA.