Williams Corporate Energy Efficiency



Williams recognises the need to act responsibly and we are proud of our green credentials. We measure and report our carbon footprint on a regular basis. Indeed, we were the first sports and entertainment company in the world to voluntarily disclose our carbon footprint under the Carbon Disclosure Project. This has allowed us to identify areas in which improvements can be made, set targets and then assess progress against them. Through a series of initiatives we have seen our GHG emissions reduce by 18% in the past two years alone.


We can make a greater difference in tackling global warming by using our engineering expertise to help others reduce their carbon footprint.  We have expanded our hybrid expertise beyond Formula One™, developing innovative hybrid  systems through Williams Advanced Engineering that are helping to reduce carbon emissions in a range of applications such as public transport and renewable energy.

Where we're working


In 2008 Williams developed an innovative flywheel based energy storage system for our 2009 Formula One car. Realising the potential of this technology to reduce green house gas emissions in ordinary vehicles, we created Williams Hybrid Power (WHP) as a subsidiary company of Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited. WHP has partnered with leading companies in the motorsport and public transport field to validate this flywheel technology. This includes:

In April 2014 Williams Hybrid Power was purchased by global engineering company GKN, who have the resources to volume manufacture this technology on a global scale. Williams Hybrid Power is a succesful example of Williams incubating and then spinning off technology that has its origins in Formula One racing, with the Group benefitting financially from future sales of this technology.